Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Is So Hot

It was in the high 90's with a heat index of 107.  That is so hot.  Alyssa is home for a few days and so her, Court and I went to the lake for a bit today.  It was pretty crowded. It was nice just to sit and talk to Alyssa and watch her and Court swim around and have some sister talk time.  There is a gap of 7 years between Court and Alyssa.  But Alyssa is such a good big sister to her.  It is just a blessing to watch. 

 I am dying to make some muffins.  I found a few great muffin recipes I want to try but I just can not stand turning on the oven when it is so hot.  I think I will get up extra early to make them.  That way Alyssa will be able to take some back to her house at school when she leaves tomorrow.  I will let you know if the recipes turn out.  Have a wonderful evening and try to stay cool.




  1. Love to swim in the hot weather, as it is always refreshing.

    I have a great and simple muffin recipe if your doesn't work out! My children love them!

  2. It is hot here too!! It isn't much fun to be out working when it is so hot. Hope your muffins turn out good. I have a recipe that I too would share if you would like. My family LOVES them. They are called Carrot, zucchini, apple, pecan muffins.