Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yesterday Mike and I went out on a dinner date. Boy it has been a long time since we have done that. We are not a family that eats out much so it was so hard for me to decide where to go. I wanted some place really good but I was so worried about it being to expensive. Since we don't go out much I just wanted to pick the right place. I asked a friend if she new of any where we could go. Right away she said, "Oh I have the perfect place, it is so good but a little pricey. It is called Cinzetti's. It is an Italian all you can get buffet". Well I was not crazy at first about a buffet that just does not seem like a very romantic place to go with your husband on a date. But I love Italian food. She said it is a little pricey. Not what I wanted either, pricey. I told Mike about it and he said where ever I want to go is fine. I said lets just go when I see some where I want to go I will let you know. Well he drove us right in the direction of Cinzetti's. So that is where we ended up. It was so pretty inside and packed with people waiting to be seated. We had to wait a while to sit. At a buffet can you believe that? When it was our turn to sit the hostess gave us a tour of the buffets, told us her favorites along with what is most popular. So as your looking at everything it is just over whelming. We wanted to try everything because it all looked so heavenly. We barely put one bite of things on our plate. I kept hearing people say to each other remember only bites so you don't fill up to fast. Oh my goodness, with every bite we were saying, 'This is so good." After we had eaten the main dishes it was onto the dessert bar. There was every kind of Italian dessert you could think. Of course I can not pronounce or spell what they had but everything was so wonderful. They even had crepes they would prepare right in front of you with whatever you wanted in them and on them. Oh my were they good. We walked out of there so full. The place was still packed people waiting to sit when we left at 8:30. We had a great time it was the perfect place for our date night buffet and all.




  1. Glad you had such a wonderful date night!Sounds really yummy!God bless Marla