Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alyssa's New Adventure

Alyssa is in the purple

I don't think I ever mentioned this. About three weeks ago Alyssa decided at the last moment to try out for a dance team. It is an Arena Football team located in Topeka. Well of course she made it. They cheer and do Hip Hop dances during half time. She has been to a few practices and she says she loves it. She also found out she gets paid to dance and for appearances she makes. Wow, that makes it even better. Dance has always been a big part of Alyssa's life. She competed for many years, cheered and danced in high school, taught a few dance classes at the studio she attended and is on the dance team at Emporia State. She loves dance with all her heart and you can see it when she performs. She is such a joy to watch. We can not wait to see her in the new endeavour she has decided to take on. I know she will be awesome. It is such a joy to watch your children explore their world? I love it and my oldest is 20.




  1. That sounds like a great outlet for her!That must be so much fun!I wish I had that when I was her age!Good for her!Look's like you have some great kid's!Marla

  2. Wwo, I have dd's that LOVE to dance..me too...and to get PAID to do it? We are still in the dance classes ages. That seems like a far way off...

    Congrats to your daughter=)

  3. Wow that is exciting Crystal! Good for Alyssa! You must be so proud!! I wish I had a daughter to enjoy that with! Your a lucky mom!! :)