Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Sunday Morning

That is what we woke up to Sunday morning about 6:30 a.m. My husband thought he saw head lights out by our sons car so he peeked out the window. Then he saw someone reaching out their car window to write with chalk on Ryans window. We went out to see what they wrote and this is what they actually did. I was so upset. Why would anyone do that? So, of course we call the police and they take a report. After the police leave we notice the same car keeps driving by the house so we keep a watch and tell the police they keep driving by Ryan's car. At this point we are thinking maybe they are going to steel Ryans stereo or maybe his subs. All stuff he bought with his summer job money. The police proceed to drive and look for the car but I guess they can't find it. So here comes the car again but this time Ryan and Mike get the tag number, make and model and we turn it into the police. The police say they know who it is. OK, well. Ryan and Mike are outside later cleaning up the mess and putting a bag on the window and the policeman drives up and talks to them a bit. He kind of suggest Ryan is hiding something from us. So of course we talk to Ryan and tell him if there is any thing he needs to come clean with do it now. He says no. I was a little upset with the policeman. It was our sons car that had the damage done and now it is also his fault that it happen. That does not make since. Mike suggested to the policeman to call and ask the Chief of Police here in town what kind of boy our son is because our sons are best friends. We all know teenagers can get themselves into trouble but we don't think Ryan had any thing to do with this. We are definitely parents who know our kids are not perfect. Boy if they were it would make this parent job so much easier. We think it was a random act. Ryan has no idea who they are when he saw them and they look like boys who are out of high school. It is just so hard to believe that people would do this. I can not even imagine doing this to someone and it makes me so upset with the boys that did it. Yes it is just a car and it will be fixed this week but Mike, Ryan and I have to pay for it now. It is hard enough to stay on track and reach your money goals without the help of senseless acts. I am upset with the boys who did it but I will put that anger into prayer where it should be. I think these young men need it more than ever.


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